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Serving with Gentleness

Gentleness is a characteristic that God is developing within us. We exercise gentleness when we willingly place ourselves under God’s authority. By practicing humility, thankfulness, forgiveness, and politeness, we influence others through our words, our attitudes, our responses, our actions. We serve others with gentleness. Scripture says much about people who are examples of gentleness… Continue reading Serving with Gentleness

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Responses of Gentleness

A mother’s love. A father’s tenderness. A manager’s soft firmness. A doctor’s compassionate care. A coach’s encouragement. It’s a matter of a gentle response. Gentleness is the same as meekness, which is strength under control. It is knowing when to release your desire to serve another. It is refusing to retaliate when others come against… Continue reading Responses of Gentleness

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Unusual Strength

When we think of strength, we may naturally connect to the physical realm. The amount of weight one can lift. Competitors who give their all straight to the finish line. Those who work hard to build their bodies so they can win and be their best. We may also connect strength to our mind, will,… Continue reading Unusual Strength