Character, Discipline, Excellence, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

Responses of Gentleness

A mother’s love. A father’s tenderness. A manager’s soft firmness. A doctor’s compassionate care. A coach’s encouragement. It’s a matter of a gentle response.

Gentleness is the same as meekness, which is strength under control. It is knowing when to release your desire to serve another. It is refusing to retaliate when others come against us. Gentleness is helping others reach their potential.

What examples of gentleness can you identify?

Gentleness, to some, can be interpreted as a weakness. Yet, we find that those who exercise gentleness possess a rare confidence. They understand of who they are and desire to be a positive influence to others. That means allowing others to go first. Seeking the interests of others above our own.

Our Connections Challenge: Look for opportunities to practice gentleness. In words. In actions. In attitudes. In responses.

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