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Unifying Tastes

Tastes. In food. In clothing. In style. In music. In hobbies. In activities.

My husband and I have very different preferences when it comes to tastes. He’s a meat and potatoes guy; I will eat just about anything. He’s crazy and laid back; I’m reserved and worrisome. He prefers TV over quiet; I prefer quiet or soft music and no TV. His style is jeans and Chuck Taylors or boots, and I favor the classic style wardrobe. I guess it’s our differences that make us so great together–we complement each other.

Image: ChurchArt

We identify our preferences by introducing our senses to different tastes. Whether it is experimenting with foods or clothing styles, listening to different artists, or investigating travel spots or recreational activities. As we experiment with new flavors and combinations, we may discover a tasteful delicacy.

How does this connect to excellence, you ask? If we take a chance and play with combinations of flavors or colors, there may be an appealing result. Each of us is individually unique. We have something to offer those around us–talents, gifts, abilities. When we combine our qualities, a masterpiece comes to life. It is the result of teamwork and unity.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify the differences in your family or business colleagues, and celebrate the various qualities each individual offers. Encourage those who may be hesitant to offer their suggestions–they may be the very piece you to need complete the masterpiece!

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