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Connecting Bridges to Excellence

Happy birthday, Connections2Excellence! It has been one year since the birth of this blog. I have been amazed at the activity and comments—Thank you so very much.

This week we begin a mini-series on connecting bridges to excellence. On Faith Connection Friday, we extend this concept as we connect to our faith.

What comes to mind when you think of bridges? The Golden Gate Bridge, a dental bridge, or the act of bridging a gap.

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There are many connectors in our lives. We connect relationally, intellectually, and emotionally. This year, I chose the symbol of bridges as we connect life to a pursuit of excellence. We will discover how bridges around the world connect to excellence. We will examine how the obstacles bridges cover are used to make connections. And we will determine how bridges are designed to get us to our desired locations.

Bridges are passages in which we are able to move from one side to another. It can be in a physical form of a connecting structure over an obstacle. It can be in an artistic form beautifully transitioning musical sections or dramatic thoughts. Whatever the form, a bridge connects to excellence by overcoming obstacles or transitioning into a form that is beautiful.

The bridge we see physically with our eyes may not be particularly appealing. Yet, its purpose can be of excellence, as it helps one get to another place more easily. The bridge may not be physically seen. Yet, its purpose can be of excellence, as it shows the artistic creativity that has been given to an individual for others to enjoy.

What bridges do you recognize in your life?

In our work, bridges may consist of relations between departments. We may be faced with pleasant personalities that work as a team or sandpaper personalities that continually present challenges. Our purpose may be to build those bridges through our excellence of character and integrity. Our willingness to understand other areas provides opportunities to bond as a team and to find solutions where there may be challenges.

In our personal relationships, bridges may consist of building friendships or reconciling with others. We may have opportunities to form new relations that require our efforts to first be friendly—attending a study group or a class at the gym. If a relationship has been strained, make an effort to reconcile, if possible, and extend forgiveness. Our purpose may be to help build those bridges through our efforts of kindness and forgiveness.

Our Connections Challenge: There are many bridges in our lives. Look around for these bridges. How may you be used to build those bridges?

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