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Bridges to Faith

Happy birthday, Connections2Excellence! It has been one year since the birth of this blog. I have been amazed at the activity and comments—Thank you so very much.

This week we began a mini-series on connecting bridges to excellence. On Faith Connection Friday, we extend this concept as we connect to our faith.

Image: ChurchArt

What do you see when you look at this picture? A storm. A city. A rainbow. A pathway to the city. Have you ever wondered how our faith can impact every part of life?

A challenge is looking at every aspect of your life and bridging it to faith in Christ Jesus. Yes, every aspect–it sounds like an unusual and challenging discipline, yet it can change our perspective on life. We can truly take the most simple element and bridge it to Christ.

For example, let’s take the morning routine. Shower, dress, breakfast, read the news or updates, and head for work. A shower cleanses the body of impurities. Faith lesson: What cleanses us? We are washed in the Word and cleansed from impurities that hinder our fellowship with God (1 John 1:9). Our attire protects us. Faith lesson: We are to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) and clothe ourselves with the character of Christ (Colossians 3). Breakfast provides nourishment and refreshment. Faith lesson: Our spiritual nourishment comes from reading and meditating on Scripture and becomes our joy (Psalm 119; Jeremiah 15:16). Reading the news or updates gives us opportunities to show compassion and pray. Is there a story you find intriguing? Faith lesson: Use this time to pray for the people involved or the situation (Ephesians 1). Traveling to and from work provides focus time. Faith lesson: Thank God for the provision of a vehicle. Pray for the people in the next car or a driver who appears to be in a hurry. Pray for the one stranded on the side of the road. Listen to the Bible, an inspirational podcast, or worship music.

Going back to the photo. We see a storm coming. We can expect trials of life, yet Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33). Pray for the people in the city–for protection and minimal damage. A pathway leads to the city. Jesus said that He is “the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through [Him]” (John 14:6). A rainbow is in the clouds, a symbol of promise that God will never again destroy the earth by a flood (Genesis 9). When you see a rainbow, we are reminded that God is faithful and has not forgotten His covenant to us. He sends these beautiful reminders even through the storms of life.

These are simple ideas, yet the purpose is seeing Christ in every part of your day. Reading God’s Word first thing is a great start to the day. With practice, we can bridge our life to faith by seeing Christ in even the most simple task.

Our Faith Connection Challenge: Review your day so far. How can you view it from a faith perspective and see Christ in each task of the day? Use the rest of your week and look for the faith connection. Blessings!

Lord, I thank You for this precious one. May they take notice of Your presence in every area of their life. Bless them, and thank You. In Your precious Name, Amen.

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