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Excellence in Variety

Welcome to connections2excellence! We are in a series about bridges and how they connect to excellence!

Have you ever studied about the varieties of bridges? There are mythological or religious bridges and physical bridges. They can be permanent or temporary. They are designed to sustain a large amount of weight or a lighter weight. They are structured to support cargo, cars, or people.

Each type of bridge serves a purpose. Cable bridges and suspension bridges. Arch bridges and draw bridges. Pontoon bridges and girder bridges. Covered bridges and truss bridges. Double-decker car bridges and train bridges.

Image: ChurchArt

The focus of excellence for bridges includes the foundational structure and strength. Though bridges are built for excellence to withstand great external force, they require maintenance.

Initially, what comes to mind as I learn about these incredible structures is the variety. Bridges are built and used for specific purposes yet in different ways. As we connect to excellence, I think of varieties we encounter.

In our personal lives, we have a variety of family members, each uniquely gifted and each with characteristics of other relatives. Yet, during times of hardship or loss, we gather and provide strength to those who are weak. Even in times of strained relationships, many find ways to work through the situation, reconcile, or agree to disagree. There is a strength in the foundation of family, even when maintenance is necessary.

In other areas of our lives, we encounter multiple varieties, each one unique in roles and areas of expertise. Businesses vary in personalities, styles, and cultures. Yet, each is based on the foundational structure of its mission, which produces strength as it focuses on excellence. Of course, there are times when the external force of adversities require maintenance. As excellence remains the focus, the entity becomes stronger.

Our Connections Challenge: Examine your interactions with a variety of business cultures, whether as an employee or as a customer. Locate a copy of their mission statement (their foundational structure), and identify their strengths. What actions can you take to encourage their mission of excellence?

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