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Treasure of Stories

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My father, a master storyteller. He entertained nieces and nephews portraying characters and bringing great delight (they still talk about it!). He shared adventurous tales of a young boy named Gregory. Each time he told a story, if he deviated in the slightest, my sister or I would quickly correct him. His response would be that it was a different event by adding more nuances. He even confessed to his own mischievous acts when he was a young boy.

When my son was little, I attempted to pass on the family tradition of the same stories (as I could best recall) or make up some of my own. (Of course, not like my dad.) Anyway, I recently found out my son continues the family tradition of telling stories.

Our family is in the process of going through the family house, determining what to keep and what to give away. So many pieces have stories. The worn couch that was such a great place for napping or meditating (as my father would say). The best rocking chair ever given to my dad by my mother for his birthday. The kitchen table that witnessed tons of those sacred stories. My father’s treasured musical instruments that accompanied many talented musicians from decades long ago.

Source: WordPress

Our Connections Challenge: What are some treasured family stories? What are some stories select pieces in your home could tell? Share them. They can delight and encourage others.

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