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Break Time!

three woman sitting smiling inside room
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Welcome back!  You may be wondering how a tour of the workplace connects to excellence. Well, at least you discover how my weird mind works. We have toured the exterior, lobby, reception, offices, the executive office, and resource areas. So, let’s continue the tour to find what I will come up with next.

Yes, we all need periods in which we need to take a break. In addition, labor laws encourage staff to take rest periods every few hours for a time of mental rest and time to refocus. This allows workers to be refreshed and more productive upon their return. Most likely, our workplaces are designed with a kitchen area or sitting area inside or outside. Some areas may provide coffee, water, or convenient vending machines.
A social benefit of these break areas is the opportunity to build relationships with our colleagues. Unless we work outside an office or remotely, we may be together for several hours each week; and relating to one another can be advantageous. We have opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships.
Whatever the reason, for our own sanity and health, we need to step away for a period. And the connections we make with our colleagues take our minds off work for a brief time and help us focus on another person. Of course, since we strive to connect our lives to excellence, we are to be mindful of our time away due to our responsibilities.
Our Connections Challenge for the week:  Take a break at least once each day to be physically refreshed and mentally refocused–taking a walk, getting some coffee or tea. When you return, did you notice if you were more productive? Practice this each day this week and discover how your day changes.

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