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Faith Connection: Hiding Place of Hope

As children, we most likely played Hide and Seek. Finding that secret place and staying as quiet as possible so we could not be found. If we were really good, we drove our playmates crazy for what seemed like hours.
When it was your turn to hide, why did you choose a particular place? Was in a closet or under a piece of furniture? Did it give a sense of security?
Our hiding place may be a place of refuge, security, safety, or a remote location not many visit. The special place may be one where you are able to experience quiet: a room, a tranquil garden, a place in the mountains or by the water. The place may not necessarily be physical but an attitude or heart adjustment, a place where we can refocus our mind and heart.
The Scripture is full of verses that identify God as our hiding place and that He hides us in the secret place. As we consider this, what comes to mind? A place of refuge, a source of security and safety. The hiding place, the secret place, is Him. He is our hiding place. He is identified as our shield, our shelter, our protection, our refuge. He hides us in the secret place away from the enemy. We can come to Him with anything. We can tell Him when we are upset and when we do not understand. We can ask why. We can be completely honest with Him. Because He is completely trustworthy and completely good. This makes Him our hiding place, our secret place. He speaks with us through His Word, the Holy Bible, which is how we hear from Him.
Earlier I mentioned our hiding place can be an attitude, mind focus, or a heart adjustment. Focusing our mind on Him puts into that secret place with Him. Knowing He is with us is our refuge, our security, our safety. His presence is our hiding place, and it is secret and sacred to us. So, do you have a special hiding place where you can go to commune with God? Some have a prayer closet, which is a place away from distractions that allows you to focus solely on Him and His Word. It could be your dining table, a small room, a special place outdoors–and, yes, even the bathroom.
In addition to being our hiding place, He is our hope. We praise Him for who He is and thank Him for what He has done and what He is doing. He is our hope because He is always working. He is our blessed hope that He will give us strength to endure trials. Though they are painful as we go through them, we know that they come to an end. We may have to cling to Him with all our might when we think we have no strength left. Yet, He will give strength. And we continue to praise Him and thank Him. We go to Him in that secret place. He is our Hope.
As a personal testimony, He has been my hiding place and my hope in recent days. When there seems to be no end, no answer, He continues to provide, to be my Hope. When I pour out my heart before Him, He has continually been my refuge. Because He is good. He is faithful. And I trust Him and His Word because He has a plan greater than I can imagine.
Our Faith Connection for this week: Identify your hiding place where you can get alone with God, pray, and read His Word. Spend time with Him each day.
Lord, I praise you for being my refuge, my hiding place, and my hope. In You I am confident that I will find strength in trying times and thankfulness in all things. Amen. 

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