Excellence, Purpose

Essential Elements

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Welcome back as we connect excellence to our workplaces!  This week, we explore one of the most important areas: our resources. These essential elements include our mail, equipment, supplies, meeting rooms, and the company website and intranet. These tools connect to excellence by providing what we need to perform our jobs successfully. They are essential because they help us provide information to the individuals within and without our organization to increase business and build internal and external relationships.

All of these resources mentioned, and more, are obviously vital, as we could not perform without them. Thus, it is crucial that we have adequate monetary resources to plan for tangible items and supplies that remain in stock and staff with expertise to equip and increase growth for the organization.

Meeting rooms can also be considered a resource. These spaces may provide a place of security and quiet where one or more persons can meet together to focus on discussion of certain areas of business together. These rooms may be supplied with materials and equipment for convenience of the attendees either in person or virtually.

It is obvious that these roles and areas are important. The tangible items and the people—they fit together, connect. Each has its unique specialization and function. Yet, they are necessary for the organization and those who serve. Whatever the function, each resource plays a crucial role. The lesson: Though we identified tangible items as resources, it takes people to monitor, maintain, and manage each.  We all play a special part. Whatever your specialty, you are vital. You play an important, critical role.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Help those who maintain materials and tangible items by appropriately notifying those who oversee these resources so they can maintain an accurate record. Whether we meet in an office or meeting room, clean the area so those occupying the space next are presented with pleasant and comfortable surroundings. Therefore, it is our responsibility to exercise this practice and help others excel. We excel by helping others excel.  Thank those who monitor and maintain our resources–our rooms, supplies, equipment. Without them, your work will be hindered.

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