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Lessons from St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated this weekend by so many around the world. I found it interesting the history of St. Patrick and the day in which we celebrate his life. Though the day has become commercialized in many respects, the purpose for which he has been honored is admirable.

St. Patrick was kidnapped and served as a slave in Ireland when he was a teenager. During his 12-year captivity, he became a Christian. He eventually escaped his captors and dedicated his life to serving God. His mission was sharing Christ with the Irish people. One of the unique tools he used to share the gospel was the shamrock.

Though some may not recognize the religious aspect of St. Patrick’s life mission, we can learn from his examples of forgiveness, humility, love, and dedication that he displayed. As a result, he continues to be honored around the world on this day.

I appreciate the dedication and mission of this Saint because it is my Irish heritage. I may never know on this earth if his mission impacted one of my forefathers, but I would like to think so because of the way I choose to live to share the love of God with those with whom I serve. His creativity of using a simple shamrock shows that we can uniquely share our life using the tools at our disposal. The aspects mentioned connect to excellence by identifying your life’s mission and exercising and developing your creativity to share ways to help others find their purpose.

Our Connections2Excellence this week: What do you strive to be each day? Creatively think of ways to share your knowledge and experiences to others as they develop in their stage of life. 

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