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A Most Holy Night

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Merry Christmas to you. May you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas.

Over 400 years of silence. People continued with their routine activities. They cleaned house, prepared meals, taught school, watched sheep. Many felt lost and without hope.

Then one night …

There was nothing particularly special about that night. Except …

Shepherds were met by angels announcing the long-awaited birth of the Messiah.

That night was … divine.

After 400 years, the heavens declared the glory of God. It was the perfect time. The world, lost and without hope, received the message that Hope was here!

That night, in the darkness … Light … Hope … Peace … Love … came down to earth.

It was a holy night.

It’s been over 2,000 years since that oh so holy night. People continue with their routine activities. They clean house, prepare meals, teach school, work, work, work, and maybe even watch some sheep. And many feel lost and without hope.

There was something particularly special about that night so long ago. The shepherds told others that the Messiah had come. People continue to share that same message today.

The Messiah was born. He lived, died, and rose again. He came knowing His purpose was to die. Our Savior.

Oh, it was a most holy night, divine.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Read the Christmas story in Luke, chapters 1 and 2. Here is a delightful reminder from Charlie Brown about the true meaning of Christmas.

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