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In just a few days, we celebrate the beginning of a New Year. It is time for 2020 to come to an end. (Do I hear a “Hallelujah”?) Traditionally, we evaluate lessons from the past year and make resolutions for the coming year.

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So many of us reflect on 2020 and wonder how we made it. Ladies and gentlemen, you did it. We did it! We patiently endured and learned probably more than we can imagine. We have come a long way. It is a day to truly rejoice and be thankful.

  • Challenges: Loss of loved ones, job/financial loss, weight gain, high/tense emotions, sensitivity, stress, anxiety, physical and mental health, fear, school, physical and virtual interactions, technology, daily necessities
  • Marketplace: Creative marketing and budgeting, working remotely/virtual interactions, adjusting organizational roles, prioritizing
  • Blessings: Family, relationships, friends, church, support, job, provision, healthcare, time, education, projects, goals, babies, weight loss, focus, reflection, coffee, serving others, compassion
  • Resolutions: Less stress and anxiety, take breaks, enjoy life

What would you include on your list?

Our Connections Challenge: As you approach the New Year, take a few minutes to reflect on 2020 lessons and make 2021 resolutions. Happy New Year!

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