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Developing Peace

Recently, I spent a day in DC with family. It was … peaceful. The traffic was manageable. The people were friendly. The day was beautiful. Even at the end of the workday, I noticed people enjoying the outdoors by playing soccer or frisbee or walking their dog. Yes, it may have been an extraordinary—not the normal—day. To me, though, it was quite peaceful.

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Peace. External peace and internal peace. It seems rare for so many. We seek peace of mind due to financial resources, family crises, health issues, and job security. We desire to live in a nation of peace. We long for peace when we experience seemingly uncontrollable fear and anxiety. Peace seems so difficult to achieve and takes much time and effort in many areas of our lives.

As I researched how to find peace, I was heartbroken at discovering the lack of peace we encounter. The results revealed that many struggle with achieving peace for their well-being. The majority of results, however, centered on the mind.

How do we connect peace to excellence? Here are a few ideas to light the path to finding peace. Exercising regularly and breathing deeply releases a chemical in our system that helps us think clearly and promotes good health. Thinking positively and counting our blessings help us focus on the good in our lives. Meditating on Scripture or relaxing with soft music allows us to refocus.

Our Connections Challenge: Find an activity that is enjoyable and helps you to focus on developing peace. Join us on Faith Connection Friday as we delve into the spiritual aspect of peace.

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