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A Day of Rest

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday!

Rest. We need it. Every single one of us.

God rested on the seventh day as an example to us (Genesis 2:3). So, we follow His example.

In Mark 6, the disciples were quite busy. In fact, they were so busy, they did not even have time to rest. They were exhausted, mentally and physically. Jesus saw their need and told them to stop (Mark 6:31). Why? He created us to rest. The body needs to be still.

Source: http://www.heartlight.org

He knows we regularly get tired and weary. He tells us to come to Him, and He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28).

Source: bibleversestogo.com

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Come to Him, and let Him refresh you. Read and meditate on His Word. Find your rest in Him.

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