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Creating Thanksgiving Memories

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! There is so much for which we can give thanks.

This week, I choose thankfulness for my family. Yes, I am extremely blessed more than I deserve when it comes to family. The heritage. The experiences. The memories.

This week marks six years of my mother’s passing. She had a gift of making every holiday a celebration. At Thanksgiving, we would alternate the traditional dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Of course, the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade and football games were musts. It was such a blessing. Now, the memories of those holidays are precious.


There are many this year who do not have family near them. Many plan a “virtual Thanksgiving.” Others limit the number of guests or times of their gatherings. Especially during this season, isolation is very difficult for so many.

Making special memories this year is challenging—yet, it is not impossible. Those with the gift of creativity come up with great ideas to make memories, even when it is difficult to be together. What are some creative ways to make memories this year?

Here are links to some ideas:

Our Connections Challenge: If you are able, invite someone for a small gathering. Surprise them by delivering a meal and socially distance while enjoying their company, or invite them to share dinner virtually. Safely include and not exclude others who may be alone. Make this Thanksgiving full of special memories!


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