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A Greeting and a Smile

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Last week we began a guided tour of the workplace and how each of us plays a crucial role.  We began a tour of our community and the exterior of our workplace.  This week, we gather first impressions as we enter the building.

In the movies, we may associate establishments portraying greeters wearing white gloves, tuxedos, and tails or possibly with playful personalities.  We notice these individuals at exclusive hotels, resorts, or theaters.  Some residences may also have greeters for the tenants.  Their welcoming presence invites guests or tenants to enter a place that is safe and secure for their work or to enjoy a leisurely activity.

Once we enter a building, at first glance, is the interior consistent with the exterior? Does the inside beauty reflect the outside beauty?  Is the inside a reflection of the outside?  What are our first impressions of the interior of the building?  We may notice plants, seating areas, or convenient shopping kiosks.

At the workplace, specifically, guests or tenants may be initially greeted with a security or reception team.  These teams may be more visible in midsize or large businesses or office buildings.  In some cases, the security and reception teams may be together.  The front office of smaller businesses may incorporate these responsibilities.  Security teams protect the building area and provide assistance to the tenants and guests.  They become familiar with the building tenants and are trained to notice suspicious activity that may endanger those within the building.  The reception teams greet guests before entering a more private area and ensure the entrance to the organization is welcoming and inviting.

So, think for a moment whom you encounter or what you discover when you enter your workplace or another business.  How are you greeted?  All of us have most likely experienced instances in which we enter a doctor’s office, hotel lobby, or gathering place and wait for someone to notice we are present.  Sometimes we may be ignored or wait for long periods before we are even acknowledged.  When we have an unsatisfactory experience such as this, we rarely want to return due to the poor service.  The inside does not reflect the beauty of the outside.

How does this connect to excellence?  Whether or not our role is primarily in reception or security, or whatever type of building we occupy, we can greet and welcome teams and others with whom we come in contact.  We can take responsibility by notifying the proper personnel if we notice anything suspicious.  This helps these teams excel in their roles, and it helps us connect with them.  It challenges us to connect with others the way we want to connect with others, treat others the way we want to be treated.  It truly brightens another person’s day when they are recognized and greeted with a smile.

Our Connections2Excellence Challenge:  Greet and welcome the security and reception individuals or teams you meet.  Brighten their day by greeting them with a smile and warm hello.  A more challenging practice:  Smile when you answer your phone.  Callers can somehow identify your facial expression when you speak with them.  Whether you are having a good or bad day, smiling can actually uplift your countenance.  Recognize that you have played an active role in presenting a positive first impression to the guests.

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