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Faith Connection: Eternally Enough

Welcome back to Faith Connections! This week, we focus on God’s attributes of being eternally enough.  Yes, these attributes go together.  Stay with me, as I try to unpack them.

He is eternal.  That is, He has always been and will always be.  There is no point of beginning or end for God.  He just is.  Eternal is everlasting, eternity, forever.  As humans, we are so limited in our understanding, He is not.  We find it difficult to figure out this attribute, it is one that we just have to accept.  Yet, we can find great comfort in this aspect of God.  We are assured that He always has been and always will be.  He was not born nor can He die.  He is always present, everywhere.  He is with us.  He will never leave us–we are never alone.  It is my hope you are comforted by this.  And He is available at any time you need Him.

He is enough.  This is a little more challenging.  In our society, we seem to want more, more, more.  Yet, we are never satisfied.  The next generation phone.  A newer vehicle. More money.  A better job.  A better house.  It never ends.  And each time we get what may seem to be better, it is within a short time that we want something else.  The whatever it was did not satisfy in the way expected.  It was a void not filled.  Truly. Hmmm.  Could it be that there is something that could satisfy my deepest longings? Friend, yes.  There is, and it is not a thing but a Person.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  God Himself.  I have heard it said that when Jesus is all you have, it is then that you realize Jesus is all you need.  He is the answer.  He is enough.

Connecting these two attributes hopefully gives you an idea that our eternal God is enough.  For everything you encounter.  Everything you do.  Everything you need.  And He will always be truly eternally enough.

Lord, You are eternal.  You are enough.  May this precious one realize that You are enough for their needs.  You are enough for their life, forever.  In Your precious name I pray.  Amen.

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