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Together We Excel

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Thank you for joining me as we tour the workplace and how it relates to excellence.  We all have a significant role.  The last couple of weeks, we toured the exterior and the lobby and reception areas.  This week we discover another important area and the critical role we play.

This week, we tour the office areas.  We have a plethora of departments, specializations, and varieties of professionals.  Offices may be considered as cubicles, rooms with locked doors, a separate room at the home, or even a vehicle.  We primarily may think of the office as a place away from the home.  Wherever or whatever you use as an office, it is a place where you can focus on your work.

Some businesses may have individual departments or individuals that specialize in certain aspects of the business.  There may be the executive office, facilities, finance, marketing, IT, human resources, legal, reception, and more.  For smaller businesses, one person may have responsibilities in more than one area.  Sole owners may have to cover all areas of responsibilities.

When we think of connecting to excellence, we can consider a couple of ways.  First, we all are individuals, yet we work together.  Not one area is more important than another area, and not one role is more important than another role.  Each one of us has a role uniquely specific for us.  We have weaknesses that can be strengthened by someone in another role that can help us to become stronger.  And this is across the spectrum of the business, not just one area.  In other words, we need each other.  There is an aspect of teamwork.  We can build bridges to other areas.  We excel by helping others excel.  The satisfaction is the privilege of getting to play that role in another person or with another department.  Getting to–not a duty but a privilege.  There is the connection.  Excel to excel.

You excel + I excel = We both excel!

Our Connections2Excellence Challenge: Notice your area(s) of responsibility.  How do you view your work and specific role?  Are you helping the person or area next to you excel in their role?  Identify one area in which you can improve personally or encourage another.

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