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Faith Connection: Our Delightful Defender and Deliverer

Several of my previous blogs have focused on delight and joy.  As you can probably imagine, I recognize God as my delight.  He is my joy.  A couple of the reasons He is my delight:  He is my Defender and my Deliverer.

As Defender, He goes before me.  He fights the battles for me.  One of the verses that demonstrates this is Romans 8:26, which identifies the Holy Spirit as our intercessor. When we do not know what to pray, He does it for us.  As we encounter difficult situations, we can also use Scripture as our Defender to help us refocus. God as our Defender is supported by Psalm 5:11-12.  He defends those who trust in Him, and He surrounds them with a shield of protection.

As Deliverer, this may be a little easier.  On a daily basis, we recognize that He has delivered us from accidents or hasty decisions that could have resulted in unfortunate consequences.  Have you ever considered that He was protecting you from many of these?  When we are tired or stressed, we can easily be so consumed with the circumstance that we do not think as clearly.  It is in those times that He may step in and be our Deliverer.  I am so very thankful that He is my Deliverer!  One of the best examples of God as our Deliverer is found in Psalm 34.  The psalmist acknowledges that God delivers us from all our fears, our troubles, and our afflictions.

Our Faith Connection for the week:  Notice the many times He steps in and protects you as your Defender and Deliverer.  Read and meditate on the Scripture passages referenced.  Thank Him for His defense and deliverance.

Dear Lord, thank You for being my Delight, my Defender, and my Deliverer.  May I be sensitive enough to recognize Your hand.  In Your precious name, Amen.

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