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Our Kind Keeper

It is a humbling experience when people do nice things for us. In many ways, I confess, I am spoiled rotten to the core. This week I noticed several ways in which others expressed kindness to me. One was a surprise gift of the most divine drink from a well-known chain, affectionately named the "Medicine… Continue reading Our Kind Keeper

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Do You Trust Me?

Many castle grounds have an area known as the keep. It was considered the safest place to protect from warfare. There were areas in the keep to secure the royal family, weapons, storage, and prisoners. It was the most secluded place in the core and the most difficult to reach. Some keeps were even surrounded… Continue reading Do You Trust Me?

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Faith Connection: Our Delightful Defender and Deliverer

Several of my previous blogs have focused on delight and joy.  As you can probably imagine, I recognize God as my delight.  He is my joy.  A couple of the reasons He is my delight:  He is my Defender and my Deliverer. As Defender, He goes before me.  He fights the battles for me.  One… Continue reading Faith Connection: Our Delightful Defender and Deliverer