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Do You Trust Me?

Many castle grounds have an area known as the keep. It was considered the safest place to protect from warfare. There were areas in the keep to secure the royal family, weapons, storage, and prisoners. It was the most secluded place in the core and the most difficult to reach. Some keeps were even surrounded by a moat to make it more difficult for the enemy to penetrate.

Is there a place we may identify as our keep? Businesses have policies. Governments have laws. Hospitals have policies to protect staff, patients, and visitors. Some homes have central places or basements to protect from dangerous weather.

If we take a step further, what are areas in which we are keepers? A driver instinctively extends her arm to protect a passenger from potential harm due to an unexpected, quick stop. A parent holds the hand of their child as they cross a street. Emergency personnel set warning signs in place to protect others. New parents put up safety guards around the home.

The purpose of having safeguards is to protect the lives of loved ones and possessions. Some ways we protect are instinctive. Some ways we must be more vigilant and prepare. There are multiple areas we can identify in which people train to offer support and protective services.

It is my desire that I strive for excellence in areas where I am the keeper, areas where I protect and keep things such as people, knowledge, truths, or relationships. This may be seen in our workplaces, our homes, our schools, and in all relationships. I do not want to give anything but my best in all these areas.

Our Connections Challenge for this week: As you think about your life, what areas of protection can you identify? What safeguards can you put in place?

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