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The Reflection of First Impressions

A popular saying is, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  The principle–first impressions matter.  A piece of connecting to excellence is how it affects our life–specifically, our work.  The role is to attract you for a purpose:  to live, work, eat, or shop.

As you approach your workplace (whether it is an office building, your home, or your vehicle), what do you see?  Whom do you encounter on the outside?  What impressions are made?  This miniseries will explore these ideas and hopefully encourage you to view your workplace differently.  Whether you work outside or inside, retail or corporate, hospitality or professional service, we all play an important role and make a significant impact.

First, the outside.  The focus in real estate:  location, location, location.  What draws you to your residence, workplace, restaurants, or shopping areas?  Why did you choose to live, work, or shop there?  The overall appearance:  the community, landscaping, lighting, and cleanliness of the subdivision or business park.  Nearby amenities, facilities, and services that provide or appeal to our needs and activities.  A safe location for children and the elderly.  The busyness of the area–noise, traffic, and proximity to the highway.  The uniqueness of the building architecture–height, colors, windows.  If the location is easy or difficult to find.  Parking conditions–convenience, adequate parking and lighting, open or covered parking, public or private, outdoor or garage.  The availability of elevators and stairs.  The proactive and timely service response in the event of inclement weather.

Probably too many thoughts to ponder–but that’s my brain!  Yes, the role of the exterior is important.  It serves to draw you and offers the invitation to return.

The exterior is most often a reflection of the interior–are they consistent?

The exterior is crucial for guests, potential clients, and businesses.  It is a type of identity.  Individuals and businesses that excel in the exterior include professional architects, landscape artists, designers, and maintenance personnel.  The diversity of designs is apparent, especially in the downtown areas.  Many of the buildings are known by a name, usually the name of a major owner.  Therefore, the reputation of the building exterior may attract or repel marketing opportunities for the owner.

We connect first impressions to excellence by making the appearance as attractive as we possibly can.  If our role is working outdoors, our work product is extremely important because the quality of our work is evaluated.  It can push people away, or it can attract others to consider the area for a potential business opportunity.  If we work indoors, our role is to keep the exterior as attractive as possible by keeping the area clean and inviting.  Satisfaction comes from seeing a quality work product and showcasing it for others to admire.  Whatever we do, we are to do it with enthusiasm and with our best effort (Colossians 3:23).  The livelihood of the workplace’s appearance depends on so many.  See, we all have a part on just the exterior!

The connections challenge for the week:  As you go to the places of your daily life, take a moment and focus on just the outside.  What first impressions do you notice?  Examine and evaluate what may be a draw.  What is important to you for first impressions of the outside of the building?  Is there anything you can do to make them more impressive?  What thoughts come to mind when you reflect on those areas?  If the outside of your living and workplaces are clean and appealing, say thank you to management, or take a moment realizing that you play a significant part by connecting to excellence. 


Rooms.  Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a journey around the office.  We will be looking at the different “rooms” of the workplace.  Each room is important, each room plays a role, and all rooms connect.  Together, we will see how they connect to excellence.  Join me on this journey as we make connections2excellence.

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