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Faith Connection: Our Compassionate Comforter and Counselor

When we think of needing a comforter, we may turn our mind to someone or something precious to us.  It could be the loss of a family member, friend, job, health, or treasured item.  We may think of comforting others, such as a crying baby or a friend who is struggling during a difficult time.  It cuts to our very core—to our heart.  We may feel helpless and unsure as to how we can provide comfort.  This attribute of God as our Comforter is very personal.

When we think of counseling, we may turn our mind to an attorney, psychiatrist, clergy, mentor, trusted confidant, or friend.  Counsel may be sought for advice, direction, or to provide a listening ear.  Sometimes one may utilize the professional counseling services.  Though professional counselors are unable to know everything about us, they have been trained to understand similarities in people.  This provides comfort to know that we are similar in some aspects, though we are very different in others.  Essentially, we all have a desire and a social need for people to know and understand us.  We want to feel comfortable in sharing our concerns, worries, and fears with someone we can trust.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have an uncompassionate comforter or counselor.  They reflect a coldness in which they do not really care one way or the other.  Ouch.  Though their words may be what we need, hearing them from an uncaring person deepens the pain.  Therefore, having a compassionate Comforter and Counselor brings a true depth to the love and grace that only He bestows.

This week we focus on several attributes of God that are very similar.  God is our Compassionate Comforter and Counselor.  He reflects warmth and compassion because He loves us and knows everything about us.  Overall, God expresses His compassion as He comforts and counsels us.  These attributes of God as our Comforter and as our Counselor are very personal.

How do these attributes connect to excellence?  They both reflect God’s attribute of compassion because He is the perfect Comforter and the perfect Counselor.  We all struggle and face adversity and grief in a season of our lives.  We have either been through adversity or grief or will experience it at some point.  Whatever may be your stage of life, please be assured that God is your Comforter.  And, since God is completely perfect, He is also the perfect Counselor.  He is our trustworthy Confidant.  We can share our most intimate thoughts, and He will not betray us.  We have confidence that He hears us and will answer in His way and in His time.  God’s Word, the Holy Bible, gives us direction—though some issues may be unclear, He gives wisdom.

Father, we thank You for being completely compassionate as You comfort us when we need comforting.  We thank You for being completely compassionate and trustworthy as You listen to us and perfectly counsel us in the right direction. In Your name we pray, Amen.

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