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Bravely Bold Purpose (Part 4: “D”)

Living bravely bold.  We can display brave boldness in our motives, our beliefs, and our passions.  As we connect excellence to living bravely bold, we use the acrostic B-O-L-D.  We live a life of excellence and determination through our character, our speech, our focus, and our joy.
B – Be-Attitudes (purposefully misspelled), taken from Beatitudes in Matthew 5.
O – Open my mouth that I may speak with wisdom and kindness (Proverb 31:26).
L – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind (Deuteronomy 6:5).
D – Delight yourself in the Lord (Psalm 37:4).
What are things you enjoy?  The simplicity of a good cup of coffee.  Time with family and friends.  Maybe the idea of a dream finally coming to fruition.  Yes, even work can be a joy.  The delight little kitties bring (yes, and I love cats).  Our babies (whatever their age) and grandbabies.  Reading, hobbies, arts and crafts, water sports or just the water, the beauty of the mountains, or maybe just a simple life.
Why do you enjoy them?  They are a part of your life.  They represent facets of your life that are important.  We choose to make the time to enjoy.  They bring a type of satisfaction to our being that nothing else can.
Sometimes what brings us joy can present difficulties.  The coffee may be too bitter.  A relationship may have a conflict that is difficult to overcome.  Obstacles arise that delay the dream a little longer.  Sweet kitty poops outside the litter box.  Work tasks can become routine or undesirable.  Events happen you find difficult to understand.  You get the idea.  Yet, you continue to pursue those things because … you deem them as important and meaningful.
Let’s take your vocation, for example.  You enjoy what you do because you have spent considerable time in study and preparation.  Sure, there are aspects of the job you may not like–but you find it fulfilling.  Why?  Because you are part of something greater.  The role you play may appear to be a small part of the success, but you are an integral part. You have a purpose.  Work pays the bills, yes, but it’s so much more.
As life presents challenges, the way we react is crucial.  We have an impact, an influence, the opportunity to contribute to someone’s life–for good.  Remember, it will pass.  (And adorable little kitties?  Yes, they poop, but they are so cute when they play and when they are ornery–how can they not bring joy?)
What does this have to do with living bravely bold?  As we have identified, there are things that are important and give us purpose.  We can find delight in those things, even when there may be a hindrance.  Their value to us keeps us in pursuit.  We continue because we realize their importance and the benefit to ourselves and to them.
The selected Scripture is taken from Psalm 37, which is filled with statements to trust and delight in the Lord, commit our way to the Lord, rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.  In doing so, He gives us the desire of our heart, He brings it to pass.  The key? We first delight in the Lord.  When we do, we find He becomes our delight.  Our desires change according to His desires.  As we delight in Him, He becomes our joy.  This makes us live bravely bold because our trust is strengthened, and we can rest and wait patiently for Him.  In this quietness and confidence, we have strength (Isaiah 30:15).
“You made me bold with strength in my soul.” (Psalm 138:3, NASB)
Our connections challenge for this week:  Identify what brings you joy and why.  Consider your purpose and value to each.  Also, I encourage you to read Psalm 37.  Be brave!  Be bold!  Be excellent! And delight!

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