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The Pursuit of Excellence

When I was a child, I knew that I wanted to follow in my mother’s steps as an administrative professional. After graduating from high school, I went to one of the best vocational schools in Dallas. The values and training that I learned from my mother, schools, and professional experience, have stayed with me for over three decades–and the focus of pursuing excellence continues.

The day I received the letter of acceptance from vocational school was a confirmation of my destiny and what I considered at that time to be a step to fulfilling a calling. Many administrative professionals were honored last week because of their dedicated time and effort to make others exceptional. The administrative professional role may not be seen as particularly glamorous by some; yet, it is one of professionalism and servanthood. Within this profession, I have witnessed many who pursue excellence and desire to be their very best in their respective role.

Our Connections Challenge: Whatever role you serve, whether administrative or C-level executive, how did you begin your journey in the role? What steps have you taken to be your very best? How do you continue to pursue excellence?

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Coming in May–Happy birthday, Connections2Excellence! It has been one year since the birth of this blog. To celebrate this new year, the site will have a new look. We will also begin a miniseries on bridges to excellence. Please join us!

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