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Mountaintop of Hope

Welcome back to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you for sharing a moment with me.

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What happens after a big event? The wedding, birth, job change, or relocation—it’s a mountaintop experience. The excitement of the days leading to the event. Finally, the day arrives, and we experience the first day or the first week. Whew! Then, it’s over. We begin to settle into the new routine—it’s a valley. The unpacking. The cleaning. The organizing. We’ve all been there at some point. Change just happens with life events, with the highs and lows.

It’s been almost a full week since Easter. I wonder what may have occurred during that first week after the first Easter. Many saw Jesus after His resurrection. The joy! The wonder! The elation! Then, time for unpacking what just happened—thinking through the events of the last week. Cleaning up the messes that may have been made—the confusion of not grasping all that took place and the realization that Jesus is who He says He is. And it starts to come together. The first days of settling into a new routine.

As we come down from the mountaintop to the valley of routine, it can get messy. As we unpack, clean, and organize, there are things we no longer need to keep, things that need to be discarded. Not necessarily physical things but emotional, social, verbal, or mental—attitudes, reactions, words, or thoughts.

This week we have been challenged with the mountaintop of Easter. As a result, life has changed. What happened during your week? As you come down from the mountain, do you discover things that need to be cleaned?

Easter is a mountaintop event—it is full of hope. Whatever cleaning may need to be done in our valley, there is assurance of cleansing and renewal. There is also the hope that Jesus will one day return again, and we will see Him face to face. That is the hope that Easter gives—our eternal mountaintop.

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