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Is Learning on Your Bucket List?

When my sister and I were small, we looked forward to going to work with Mother Dear at Christmas.  One of the things I particularly enjoyed was helping.  Mother would give me mail to deliver to her boss, and I was thrilled that I was given the task of going into his office and putting it on his desk—and sometimes he was even there!  Okay, so what is the big deal?  Well, to a child, the smallest thing can make a huge impact.  That one seemingly menial task gave me purpose, and I knew as a young child that I wanted to be an assistant when I grew up.  And I followed that purpose.

As I matured, that passion did not fade.  My mother continued to instill excellence and encouraged me to do my best in everything.  Aiming for excellence meant preparing and continuing to set personal goals to enhance the roles through continuing education and independent study.

We enter a season in which many have recently graduated from school and will be presented with new challenges.  Now is a time of preparation for their next season in the school of life.  Actually, we all have opportunities to learn something new on a daily basis, professionally and personally.  We are also privileged to instill excellence and the love of learning to the next generation.

Professionally, we may choose to continue taking courses to stay current in our industry, investing in organizations, or attaining designations to excel.  Other ways to develop include reading trade journals and industry-related publications.

Personally, we can take classes for topics we find interesting or engage in activities we enjoy.  Libraries, restaurants, and museums offer classes that inspire.  Exploring new locations, learning about cultures, and witnessing the beauty of creation may appeal to our curiosity and adventurous sides.  Taking advantage of these opportunities shape and enrich our lives.

Having a mindset of continuous learning allows us to discover new things. It could lead to a new passion, hobby, or even revive a lost dream.  As we pursue excellence in the area of learning, we may discover a new passion in life.  As we continue to learn, we continue to grow.

Our connections challenge for the week:  What’s on your bucket list?  If you do not have one, start one.  Identify an area that you would like to enhance or explore.  Experiment with a new hobby like cooking, painting, photography, or an exercise program.  Look for classes offered by a local community center or craft store.  Check out books from your library, or listen to podcasts.  Enroll in a class at your community college to learn or update your skills.  Download apps like brain puzzles or ways to increase your vocabulary.  Now you have a long list!  It’s a new season, a new beginning, a new time to grow!

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

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