Boldness, Character, Discipline, Excellence, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

The Quest

"Indiana Jones" and "National Treasure." The scenes from these movies come to mind when I think of a quest. The characters are determined to find that one treasure. And they seek it diligently until it is found. They begin their quest fully equipped. They have performed their research and acquired the best tools for whatever… Continue reading The Quest

Character, Discipline, Excellence, Family, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

Precious Pieces of Life

Many things we hold precious may include family, heirlooms, jewelry, and memories. There are things that I particularly hold close. Priceless treasures from my mother. Gifts from my husband. My Bible with autographs, memorable markings (my son playing connect the dots on the maps), and personal handwritten notes. And some remaining pieces of string from… Continue reading Precious Pieces of Life

Boldness, Character, Discipline, Excellence, Faith, Freedom, Influence, Music, Prayer, Purpose

Name Above All Names

Christians revere the name of God's Son because of what it represents. God the Father chose the name of Jesus for His Son, which means "God with us." He is personal. He is ever present. There is a plethora of songs about the name of Jesus that beautifully describe Him. Some contemporary songs that come… Continue reading Name Above All Names