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The Quest

“Indiana Jones” and “National Treasure.” The scenes from these movies come to mind when I think of a quest. The characters are determined to find that one treasure. And they seek it diligently until it is found. They begin their quest fully equipped. They have performed their research and acquired the best tools for whatever they may encounter. They may even have a few extra experts join them to help guide their journey.

What type of quest inspires you? Indiana Jones or Benjamin Franklin Gates sought an item of historical value or a legendary place that was lost somewhere along the way. We may search for memorabilia, a restored relationship, or simply just answers.

What is the treasure you seek? What is really so important that you diligently search for it until it is found? It seems we all seek something. Whether it is fame, fortune, prestige, recognition, acceptance, love, or just more.

Have you done the research? Reaching a goal takes time and effort. If your goal is to gain wealth, such focus takes much study, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and time. If your aim is to master a vocation, study it. Do your best and be the best you can be. Are you ready for the challenge?

Do you have the necessary tools? Identify the items that best equip you to find this treasure. It may be equipment or education. It may involve interviewing specialists with more expertise.

Do you have someone who can help you along your journey? Mentoring and teamwork are vital. Two is better than one. There is usually something we miss if we try to do it on our own. We are more apt to succeed if we have the input, guidance, and perspective from someone who has been there and can provide support.

If you have found your treasure, does it truly satisfy? Does it continue to satisfy? Is it all you hoped it would be? The tougher question: Was it worth the cost, the price you paid? The tangible item or fulfilled desire may be temporary, or it may bring joy from the success.

If you have not yet found that one thing, what obstacles may be in your path? Do you have the right tools? Do you have the best people to help you? If we become impatient, or if our plans are not working, sometimes we ask ourselves what happened or why the quest is taking so long. A re-examination may be required. Perhaps, there is something preventing the achievement.

There sure are plenty of questions about a quest! These alone could be Connections Challenges. Hopefully, these questions encourage you to determine your focus and priorities and inspire you to continue your journey.

Our Connections Challenge for this week: There are plenty of challenges in this blog to last weeks! Take time to ponder answers to these questions to confirm and consider your quest. Have an amazing journey!

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