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The Master Teacher

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you for joining me today as we connect life to faith. There are a couple of characteristics of master teachers that come to mind. They are tenderness and trustworthiness. Initially, the master teacher makes a point to know each student. Strengths and weaknesses. Passions, goals, and interests. The level… Continue reading The Master Teacher

Boldness, Character, Discipline, Excellence, Family, Freedom, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

Learn to Teach

Two of my favorite school teachers were Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Minter. They made an impression because they made a point to know me as a person. They discovered that we had things in common, and they encouraged and supported me. Several teachers at the vocational school I attended made an impression because of their… Continue reading Learn to Teach

Boldness, Character, Discipline, Excellence, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

The Quest

"Indiana Jones" and "National Treasure." The scenes from these movies come to mind when I think of a quest. The characters are determined to find that one treasure. And they seek it diligently until it is found. They begin their quest fully equipped. They have performed their research and acquired the best tools for whatever… Continue reading The Quest

Boldness, Excellence, Purpose

The Mystery Quest

What is it about mystery that captivates us? The curiosity. The intrigue. The anticipation. Board games challenge us to figure out who committed the crime. Classic movies keep us in suspense until the final scene. Puzzles beg for our attention to complete the picture. Part of the mystery is asking questions and finding answers. Life… Continue reading The Mystery Quest