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Learn to Teach

Two of my favorite school teachers were Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Minter. They made an impression because they made a point to know me as a person. They discovered that we had things in common, and they encouraged and supported me. Several teachers at the vocational school I attended made an impression because of their passion for the profession and their desire to see the students excel. Because of these teachers and their influence, I have a focused determination to be the best I can possibly be.

Our parents teach us. We learn from an early age what to do or what not to do. They teach us to live. They teach us to protect us from harm. Our school teachers are masters in specializations and teach us subjects that help us identify our interests and vocation. They evaluate us and help us reach our potential. Our employers train us to perfect our skills so we can become masters of our profession. Our clergy and ministry leaders teach us how to live a life of faith.

In many ways, we are all teachers. Whether we are parents, teachers by profession, employers, or ministers, we have an impact on others. The role of the teacher is selfless. We learn so we can teach.

We learn so we can teach.

Therefore, we are challenged to examine ourselves. In what areas are you talented or gifted? It may be sewing, music, or cooking. It may be healthcare, auto mechanics, or leadership.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: What do I presently teach? Make a point to get to know others near you to determine their interests and passions. You may discover there is an area you could teach and watch them excel.

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