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The Master Teacher

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you for joining me today as we connect life to faith.

There are a couple of characteristics of master teachers that come to mind. They are tenderness and trustworthiness.

Initially, the master teacher makes a point to know each student. Strengths and weaknesses. Passions, goals, and interests. The level of understanding determines if the student needs instruction on the basics or a more advanced approach.

The master teacher identifies the best way to teach each unique person so they can reach their potential. They exercise selfless tenderness and patience to guide the student’s understanding of the subject. The teacher displays trustworthiness to the student as a true master of the subject that is taught.

Our Master Teacher, Jesus, is the ultimate tender and trustworthy Teacher. He was acquainted with all our ways before we were even born, so He already knows everything about us. He teaches us how to live. He teaches us in order to protect us from harm. He is our patient Guide so we can best understand how to live. As a student of the Master Teacher, and as we learn and grow, we want to please Him with focused determination.

Our Faith Connections Challenge for the week: Read The Holy Bible, and discover the various ways our Master Teacher taught. What areas can you identify in which you seek His instruction? Remember, He is the Master Teacher!
Lord, You are the Master Teacher. May I be a teachable student, willing to receive Your tender and trustworthy instruction. Thank You. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

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