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The Mystery Quest

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What is it about mystery that captivates us? The curiosity. The intrigue. The anticipation. Board games challenge us to figure out who committed the crime. Classic movies keep us in suspense until the final scene. Puzzles beg for our attention to complete the picture.

Part of the mystery is asking questions and finding answers. Life is full of mystery. Ask questions and seek answers. When and if the answer comes, we are satisfied–for a short time. Or does the answer raise more questions?

We continue to ask questions simply because we were created to learn. Start with the basics: who, what, when, where, why, and how. We notice this with children when they ask multiple times, “Why?” It is our natural desire to grow and learn by watching, listening, reading, and touching.

There is the sense of anticipation of finding the answer. It becomes our mission. When I want to find an answer, I am determined to continue the search until I find it. Finally, there is the sense of satisfaction in the discovery. Once we learn a craft or accomplish a pursuit, we practice and pursue excellence.

We connect to excellence by the continuous quest of learning. Our Connections Challenge for the week: Identify a few areas of mystery in your life. Ask the basic questions, and begin your journey for the answer.

May your life be one of incredible and engaging mystery!

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