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Our Master

A master is one who excels, one who is an expert in a specialized field. A master may be over an individual or thing. When it comes to God, however, we recognize that He is not just A master–He is The Master, The One and Only, The King, The Everything. Here are a couple of ways in which He displays His mastery.
Isn’t it quite perplexing when we try to figure out how God works or what He has planned? The mysterious aspect of God is that He does not always work the way we think He should. We suppose that if we do one thing, He will grant our request. Yet, sometimes, He chooses to surprise us and do another. Other times, we most likely know how He will work based upon His character. And there are times, however, when we are amazed as to why He acted a certain way. He is mysterious–for He is a Master of mystery.

Another aspect of His character is that of mercy. Mercy is not giving us what we deserve. We wonder how and why we receive His never ending goodness and His kindness when we do not deserve either of them. We receive so much from His hand we do not even recognize–and it is all good. He is merciful–for He is a Master of mercy.

His Master-ful qualities connect to us as He demonstrates His mercy by delivering us from things we are not intended to experience. There are times we find ourselves in a quandary, and our beliefs may be challenged. We mentioned that a description of a master is one who is over another, as a person in authority. Personally, I am glad to serve and willingly place myself under The Master–to watch over me, to direct me, and to help me just live.

Our Faith Connection for this week: Is there an aspect of God’s mystery or mercy that intrigues you? What areas do you welcome Him as Master?

Lord, I acknowledge You as Master over areas of my life in which I need Your mercy. Help me to discover more of You so I may serve You fully. In Your holy name. Amen.

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