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What’s in a Name?

A name is one of the best ways to identify a person. We react when someone calls our name. Sometimes, when our name is spoken, we like to hear it.

It is exciting when a future parent is deciding upon a name for their new baby. They spend months dreaming about what the child will be named. The parent may choose a name after a beloved person or because the name is common for that year. Whatever reason a parent selects a certain name for their child, it is has special meaning to them.

Thankfully, some children are fortunate to have one parent who decides not to give their beloved bundle a name the partner thinks would be cute. Humorously, I’ll just say thank goodness my mom put her foot down when my dad suggested names for me and my sister.

Not only is it fun choosing a name, it can be beneficial discovering the meaning of the name. And it can be quite interesting to see if that person grows go be a reflection of their name. We may see aspects through their personality, their quirkiness, or their playfulness.

Of course, some may have a name that is a reminder of a negative event or a person they do not want to become. Though this is a challenge, one can turn it into an opportunity and make it positive and beautiful.

A parent may remind a child that the way they act in a situation becomes a reflection of their name, “Remember who you are and the name you represent.” This is how we connect our name to excellence. Our actions can determine the impact we make and affect our reputation.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Find out the meaning of your name. If possible, ask your parent why they chose your name. Do you reflect the meaning of your name? How do you want to be identified?

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