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Precious Pieces of Life

Many things we hold precious may include family, heirlooms, jewelry, and memories. There are things that I particularly hold close. Priceless treasures from my mother. Gifts from my husband. My Bible with autographs, memorable markings (my son playing connect the dots on the maps), and personal handwritten notes. And some remaining pieces of string from one of my son’s baby blankets. All of these are reminders of personal, precious memories. What are some things you hold dear? They may not be physical items but memories of events.

We hold these precious because they are special, personal, and hold sentimental value. They provide an emotional connection to others. What we hold precious may not be so precious to another person. There is no connection to the piece or the memory. To someone, however, it does. I love hearing people tell stories of their connections to their precious pieces of life. Their joys or sorrows. Their laughter or tears. It connects me to their life and is, well–precious.

Our Connections Challenge for this week: Make every moment precious to yourself or to another person. Each day find at least one thing or make a memory that you can hold precious. Record it in a journal (your memory book). It could be a conversation or a simple random act of kindness. Take the time to listen to someone else’s precious story. It will be so appreciated by the other person and will prove to be a rewarding, precious memory as you connect to excellence!

Thank you for connecting with me each week! It is a great encouragement, and I treasure your likes and comments. Thank you.

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