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Treasured Heirlooms

Sometimes I can get lost in the past by thinking of personal and professional experiences, continued education, cultivated skills, accomplishments, and successes. If I’m not careful, they can easily become inappropriate precious treasures. However, they only bring temporary happiness. The thrill lasts for a short while until it’s time to move on to the next phase.

What does bring lasting fulfillment? Paul writes in Philippians, chapter 3, that what he had accomplished in life was loss, absolutely worthless. He explained why: For the purpose of knowing Christ. Christ Himself was his treasure—and He is eternal, forever, permanent. Paul is a great example of one who dedicated his life by sharing the love of God to the world.

Our achievements are important for our livelihood. However, focusing on them could cause us to lose our perspective on what is truly important. Christ Jesus is our most precious treasure. We cultivate our fellowship with Him through worship, reading His holy Word, prayer, and living a life devoted to Him. What do you treasure?

Our Faith Connection: I was recently reminded of a song by Amy Grant about the treasured “Heirlooms” of our family and our Savior. Enjoy!

Father, we are so blessed by the treasures You have given to us. May we recognize the gifts of our families and Your Son as most precious. In Your name, Amen.

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