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Kindness to Friendship

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Okay, so I enjoy the old, classic scary movies, especially the ones with Abbott and Costello. To me, they are like watching “The Munsters,” another show I watched that was quite amusing. They were a family consisting of Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, and a werewolf. Daddy Munster’s character was the portrayal of a more comedic Frankenstein’s monster.

The vintage movie tells the story of the infamous Doctor Frankenstein attempting to design a humanlike character—his ultimate creation. However, the compilation of different parts just did not fit together the way he desired. Instead, Frankenstein’s creation looked more like a monster, horrifying in appearance yet childlike in action.

One of the reasons I like this monster is his childlikeness. He is vulnerable, naïve, and innocent. In one scene, he befriends a blind man who could not see the monster the way others saw him. The man extends kindness and considers his new visitor a long-awaited answer to prayers for a friend.

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Through this simple scene, we see a glimpse of the piece of us longing for connection. Even the vulnerable monster displayed the joy of finding a friend by his tears. Though the friendship was brief, it teaches the importance of friendship. Later in the movie, “The Bride of Frankenstein,” we see the monster longing for connection with a mate.

Our Connections Challenge: Frankenstein gives us lessons about kindness and connection. Without connection, we experience loneliness, just as the blind man and the Frankenstein monster. We see it today with many suffering from loneliness due to isolation. And many express themselves with unkindness. What if we became the change? Extending kindness to a complete stranger just to make a connection. Extending kindness to an acquaintance to deepen the connection. Extending kindness to a new friend to build a connected relationship of strength and companionship.

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