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Childlike Wonder

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday!

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There is just something about little ones. They are so precious. I love watching them laugh, play, and just be silly. They are loving, forgiving, trusting, and full of life. Jesus called children “at the very center of life in the kingdom” (Mark 10:13-16, MSG). I wonder why He said that. Maybe it’s because they are so energetic. Maybe because they are so adorable. There is just something about hearing their sweet laughter. I guess because they bring such joy and make us smile. In that same passage, it seems Jesus couldn’t wait to gather them in His arms and let them sit on His lap for a while. I wonder. Did they play with His beard? Did He get on the ground with them and play? Think about it—the best storyteller kept them fascinated. He loved it. Can you picture it?

Source: WordPress

As we grow, we might lose that childlike wonder—well, most of us. Maybe we’re not as loving, forgiving, trusting, or full of life because of years of life experience. Maybe we’re not as energetic because our bodies are weary and worn.

What if we became like a little child? As Bethel’s song, “Wonder,” says, “May we never lose our wonder, Wide eyed and mystified, May we be just like a child, Staring at the beauty of our King.”

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Reflect on the passage in Mark 10:13-16. Identify some ways we can regain our wonder of our King. What can we determine to put into practice? Enjoy this beautiful song of wonder.

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