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The Power of Presence

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One thing challenging for centuries is staying connected. This year we find connections even more challenging.

A song we may sing to our sweetie is, “I’ll Be There,” by Jackson 5. It expresses assurance the person will be present for the other as a source of comfort and strength and provide unselfish love and protection. Or maybe it’s the “Friends” theme. No matter what, “I’ll Be There For You” in the good times and in the bad.

Connecting to our lives, with or without a sweetheart, we can do the same in other situations. In our workplace, for example, many experience times of uncertainty with security or fulfillment. In our community, many lack a source of income or experience a decline in physical or mental health. In our relationships, we seek connections with people with similar interests or backgrounds.

No matter where we are, hopefully, we find people who are willing to help. Our peers are eager to help when we need an extra hand or a listening ear. Our managers and coworkers give encouragement to help us through a transition so we excel. If your scenario does not have this camaraderie, this is an opportunity in which you can be there to encourage your team.

Our Connections Challenge: One of the greatest joys is serving. There is a fulfillment in forgetting our own circumstances and unselfishly listening to and serving others. How do we do this? May we see those around us who need an encouraging word or just a friend. Is someone in your workplace struggling? Send a text of encouragement or send a card. Maybe include a gift card for gas, groceries, or something fun. Pick up an extra cup of coffee. Be there for others.

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