Character, Excellence, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

Valued Character

Jason has been with the organization less than three years and continually proves to be an asset. A highly-sensitive project is assigned to Harold, and Jason is the first person he considers to help gather the information. Harold knows Jason will complete the work timely and with accuracy.

Trustworthy. Integrity. Loyalty. Respect.

These characteristics are sought and highly valued in organizations with the best talent. Those in management extend trust to determine the level of integrity of their direct reports. It takes research and time to build these relationships with people who possess these traits.

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We seek these values as we entrust our families to caregivers. We extend trust to merchants to give us a fair price for our purchases. We discover the value of friendships and personal relationships over time with those who display these qualities.

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Our Connections Challenge: What characteristics are most evident in your coworkers? In you? Is there one that is most challenging? What steps can you take to develop and perfect this quality?

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