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Entrusting our Beloved

Our world is going through a time that no one else alive on this earth has ever experienced. We have multiple opportunities to form relationships that can grow deeper with time. It is a season in which we may entrust a loved one or friend into the care of another, and we would expect them to exercise their utmost attention because of what our loved one or friend means to us.

Relationships take months or years to develop the level necessary to entrust something of great value to another. Over time, a bond forms with someone so you could leave them with a loved one or treasured item, and you are confident they would respect your wishes.

Do you know someone so well you would entrust your family to their care? What about giving a sentimental heirloom to keep in the family because of its precious value?

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As we connect these scenarios to our faith, does anyone from the Bible come to mind? Consider the apostle John, commonly referred to as the beloved disciple. John was one of three disciples that stayed close to Jesus during His earthly ministry. He developed a treasured friendship with the Lord.

John is the only disciple mentioned in the gospels that was at the cross, most likely positioned near Jesus’ mother. Scripture says that before Jesus took His last breath, He entrusted Mary into John’s care (John 19:26-27). He knew John would care for His mother for the rest of her days. John lived the rest of his life in exile on the island of Patmos and authored five books of the Bible (John; Revelation; and 1, 2, and 3 John).

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Read the Book of John in the Holy Bible in its entirety. It’s an easy read reflecting John’s personal and unique relationship with the Lord as we are given his recording of the ministry of Jesus.

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