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Bridges to Honor

The month of June is dedicated to celebrating our fathers. To celebrate this special day, I have chosen to honor one of the best fathers I know—my husband, Todd. We have one son, Calvin, and Todd has always been an amazing father. Todd’s vocation is a minister, and we have been blessed that he has had the flexibility to be there for Calvin.

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Over the years, Todd and Calvin have developed a rare, close, and treasured relationship. My husband is very creative and fun-loving, and he regularly included Calvin with sermon illustrations and ministry activities. They have enjoyed road trips and hiking. They have developed a close relationship so there is a natural transparency when life’s adversities arise. Their relationship consists of encouragement, security, and godly, wise counsel. Love, humility, and strength. Precious, treasured, and honored.

This year Calvin unites with another family through marriage. Todd and I will have a son and a daughter-in-love. The father-son times will be more limited. Yet, times will come in which that godly, wise counsel will be sought. As life’s celebrations and adversities arise, Todd is available to give loving wisdom and direction. The times become more precious and treasured.

As the father-son connection between Todd and Calvin has been enriched and cherished, it will be exciting to see how father-child connections with future generations will be developed. Because of Todd’s godly example and character, there will be a continued bridge to honor that will be remembered for generations to come.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify someone in your life who exemplifies a life of character. Whether that person is a family member or friend, what admirable qualities do they possess? Write them a note or meet for coffee, and thank them as a place of honor.

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