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Bridge Transformation

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! We continue our series on bridges and the connection to excellence. This week, we focus on connecting the uniqueness of bridges to our faith. Thank you for joining us!

Patience. It’s so contrary to our nature, isn’t it? We want it now! When it comes to bridges, however, we have to patiently wait.

This amazing world has some very unique bridges that are not manmade. This week, we feature a couple of unique, natural bridges. Man plays a part in maintaining or guiding a bridge’s formation for its intended use. As a result, these bridges are awe-inspiring when you see how they are formed.

Natural Bridge. Source: Personal

According to Wikipedia, Natural Bridge is a limestone formation that could be millions of years old. It is beautiful to see personally, along with the creek below, making it a breathtaking vision. Man maintains Natural Bridge so it can be enjoyed by hundreds of visitors throughout the year. (Source: Wikipedia)

Living roots bridges are commonly found in India and Indonesia. They are constructed using the Ficus elastica tree. As the roots develop and strengthen, they are able to carry the weight of people. While these bridges are not normally formed on their own, man guides the roots to shape the bridge. (Source: Wikipedia)

Just as the formation of natural bridges takes time, so does our transformation. As we connect these ideas to faith, we are also in the process of being changed. Romans 8:29 says that we are being conformed to the image of Christ. Is His character easily seen in you?

Are you closer to Christ today than you were a year ago?

Our Faith Connection Challenge: Evaluate your life from a year ago. How have you changed? Are you closer to Christ? Spend time in prayer and reading God’s Word to discover the character of Christ and becoming more like Him.

Lord, I pray for this beloved one. May they desire to grow closer to You and display Your character. In Your precious name, Amen.

For more information about these unique, natural bridges, please enjoy these articles: Crazy Bridges, Living Root Bridges, and Unique Bridges.

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