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Welcome to Connections2Excellence! I hope you are excited for this new year!

For several years, many people select words of focus for the year. Some prepare near the end of the previous year to identify their word for the coming year.

A focus word may center on a challenge to improve or connect to a personal or professional goal. Some choose focus words such as these.

Source: happinessishomemade.net

Well, for the last several years, my word was trust. (Notice I said “the last several years.”) Each year, that word continued to drive me. Or maybe I just needed lots of work. And, yes, each year was a constant challenge.

Why have a word for the year?

There are challenges and benefits of having a focus word for the year. The purpose of a focus word is just that—focus. A focus word helps me stay focused and on track. It also has a way of constantly coming to mind. For example, if I become distracted and lose focus, I am reminded in even the smallest of ways how the distraction or event could relate to the focus word. In this way, opportunities frequently present allowing me to practice, practice, practice. As the year progresses, I can see improvements or areas that need more work.

What if I forget my focus word? It is possible to lose focus on the word. One way is putting it on the front page of my journal. That way, it is one of the first notes I see. Plus, by keeping it prominent, journal entries highlight ways in which the focus word was evident. Another idea is creating a visual reminder of the word and placing it where it is regularly seen.

Our Connections Challenge: Have you identified a word for the year? What are some ways you stay focused? Journal ways in which your focus word connects to your life. Periodically evaluate the impact of your focus impacts on your life and circumstances and your growth with this practice.

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