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Living for Each Today

Writing (for me) in any form is therapy. I love journaling because I don’t have to care about correct grammar, punctuation, or making any sense whatsoever. It’s simply personal random thoughts, however they come into my silly little brain. Journaling has been an enjoyable, therapeutic habit for decades (though entries over the past few years were more sporadic). This year I resolve to be more disciplined and focused because taking the time to write helps me recall what I did and learned each day–plus, it gives me potential blog content.

Each. Day. Here’s a thought. What about Each Today?

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Recently, I heard a speaker challenge his hearers to live for today and not focus on tomorrow. Many make plans for tomorrow and then neglect the focus for today. Besides, we are not promised a tomorrow. He basically said to not wish away today. Instead, look for the opportunities that are before you today. Make the most of your today. The message so inspired me that I set it as a goal to practice this year.

Our Connections Challenge: Enjoy today, and make it the best ever. How will you choose to live today?

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