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Missed Time?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday!

How do you respond when someone is eager to spend time with you? Are you just as eager, or do you push them aside? Are you easily distracted with other tasks on your to-do list?

Did you know that the Lord is eager to meet with you? When Jesus, the Son, was on earth, He was eager to be with His Father. Matthew 14:22-23 tells us that after He left the crowds, He made time to pray to His Father alone because that treasured time was His source of strength. He gave us the example to meet with Him and pray. Why? Because He needed it, and so do we. It give us strength and wisdom for every day.

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There are so many demands for our time, and it is certainly a challenge finding a time. One of the most powerful songs illustrating Jesus wanting to spend time with us is “I Miss My Time With You” by Larnelle Harris (lyric video here). Please listen carefully to these words, and receive encouragement to take time to pray. He is ready and waiting for you.

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