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Time is Precious

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you for being here.

The year 2020 is new, and we are slowly getting back into our daily routines. Hopefully, your holidays were relaxing and inspiring. New challenges will arise, and new doors of opportunity will open.

Over the holidays, I was introduced to a delightful commercial. A little girl invited her family to build a snowman with her. They all seemed busy with other things. Before going upstairs, she followed two cats, Tick and Tock, through a grandfather clock and discovered the wonder of The Time Shop. The shop keeper told her that time can be lost and time can fly. As she admired snow globes with scenes of families playing together, he shared with her the importance of together time. At the end of the commercial, she gave her family the gift of time for the family build a snowman together.

Image: WordPress

Our Connections Challenge: Chick-Fil-A’s marketing team did an excellent job reminding us that our time is precious. It’s humbling to think of the many times I have done the same as the family in the illustration. What steps can we take in 2020 to identify priorities and be intentional? See the commercial here.

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