Character, Discipline, Excellence, goal, Purpose

Focused Discipline

We practice self-control. We exercise our bodies. We study. We work hard. We give our all to what we love.

Self-control, also known as self-discipline, is a focused practice. It is a determined discipline of the mind, body, and spirit—all that we are.

Examples of self-control include exercising, detoxing our bodies, and consuming healthy foods for cleansing and good health. Continuing education allows us to stay in an attitude of continuous learning and increases opportunities for growth, personally and professionally, and develop new interests. All of these require self-discipline, self-control.

Living a life of self-control, or self-discipline, gives purpose and motivation to persevere. Self-control is a determination and motivation to achieve more, to be stronger, to be healthier.

How does this connect to excellence? As we exercise self-discipline, we are able to excel, to be the best we can be.

Our Connections Challenge: What do you purpose to do or are motivated to persevere to achieve? Identify the steps to you take to reach these goals.

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